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The Top 10 Keys to Successful Site Selection

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ID-10026029Selecting the right site for your event is the first step to ensuring a successful experience for your attendees. The site you choose will represent your organization for the duration of your event, so picking the right real estate is critical. These ten keys to site selection will help you narrow your options
and ensure that the site you select is the right one.

1. Convenience to Attendees

Throughout the site selection process, the comfort
and convenience of your attendees should be kept in mind. The city for your event
and venue location within that city should be considered first
and foremost. Ask yourself these questions about each city
and site:

  • Does the city have a public transportation network?
  • Does the city have the amenities
    and services attendees will expect?
  • Is it easy to access the city
    and/or site by public transportation?
  • Is the site close to airport for those leaving early?
  • Is the site in a safe area?
  • Is there secure, onsite parking provided for those who will be driving?

2. Site Experience
and Reputation

When selecting a site, look for venues that have experience working with events
and organizations similar to yours. Most venues will publish information, including pictures, of past events held at the site as well as a calendar of future events. Public reviews from others who have used a venue in the past can also be a valuable source of information, but remember that these reviews may sometimes be biased.

3. Requests for Proposal

Do not skip sending a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the sites that appear to be a match for your needs. RFPs can save time over contacting each site individually,
and provide the added convenience of having quotes in writing. Your RFP should be as specific as possible to allow site managers to assess their ability to meet your needs
and provide realistic rates for the space
and services required.

4. Access to Technology

Depending on the size
and purpose of your event you might not need access to high tech services, but it is always a good idea to determine what technologies the site is equipped with