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5 Key Questions to Ask Your Convention Bureau

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Convention bureaus exist to help the local community
and businesses therein thrive through attracting visitors, but like individual companies, individual convention bureaus may follow different templates for doing business. Asking the following five questions of your convention bureau will help you prepare against any surprises in your event planning,
and can also help the convention bureau address your specific concerns.

1. How does the CVB cooperate with local businesses? Do they meet regularly to discuss issues,
and are most businesses included in the service network?

The strongest convention bureaus are in regular contact with local businesses. In metropolitan areas, it is common for convention bureaus to hold regular meetings with bureau members to discuss
and solve potential issues together, such as addressing the hospitality needs of a major convention or overcoming logistical concerns presented by community construction plans for major transit points. By asking how a convention bureau h
andles these occurrences, you can develop a better underst
anding of how well prepared a community is for your event.

In addition, convention bureaus that have a greater percentage of all area businesses among the bureau